Sunday, January 4, 2009

This new year promises to bring hope to us all. New things are on the horizon: for the first time in history people have broke tradition and stepped out of the box in hopes of taking our country in a better direction. Collectively the nation is holding its breath waiting to see if our new president will deliver on his promises. What will happen in the middle east? Will the U.S. pull out and leave people to fight for themselves and loose what ground has been gained. If we do pull out will it make a difference will things take 2 steps back and be over run with the Taliban? How will innocent people defend themselves? How can we turn a blind eye to defenseless people loosing there lives? Then the question is raised, why don't the U.S. help other nations in need?
What about Somalia? Something needs to be done, how can the World stand by while all kinds of unimaginable injustices are taking place? Why don't we help more? Then there is the economy. I really don't have to say anything about that. So we are all holding our breath to see what direction the nation will go in.