Friday, January 9, 2009

YOU FORGAVE ME (written 9-28-08 @1:24 AM by LEAH MARIE PUDER)

I ran and hid from your because I was ashamed- ashamed of the unspeakable things i had done- You did n not rebuke me
My soul was rotten and you did not cast me away- instead you bathed me in your redeeming light- Your blood forever washed my sins away- You laid claim to my soul- You FORGAVE ME-
When i turned and hid my face from you and denied the love you bestowed on me- YOU FROGAVE ME- You picked me out from among the damned and gave me your eternal grace- all I have to do is BELIVE- BELIVE---BELIVE-
How do I believe? -It is in my nature to doubt my heart-my mind- Logic- Reason- my sanity-BELIVE!-How?-
I relinquish all control unto you I deny my mother-my farther-my sisters and brother and give my soul to you- YOU-
The one who bought and paid for my soul in BLOOD- I was human- YOU FROGAVE ME- YOU SAVED ME-